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Keith brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and training to his one-on-one coaching sessions. I have learned many new techniques to use during auditions to create different and unique characters. Since I've worked with Keith, I feel much more confident during auditions and leave the room knowing I brought my best self to the casting director. 

Jennifer Emett, Actress in Birds in the City 

"Taking Keith's class has made me grow as an artist. I am more confident and inspired by who I am......and who I am as an actor."

Shellanie (27)

"Keith is great in that he helps

to build your foundation so that your acting career is solid and long-lasting."


Mom of Trenton, 16 and Thailer, 12)

"Having worked with Keith in both his acting workshops and one-on-one Skype sessions for over two years, I can safely say that not only have I gained knowledge and skills to further myself in the film and television industries, but I have also made a fantastic friend. Keith is passionate, guiding and understanding. He creates a safe space to dig deeper into your subsconscious while fostering your self-confidence. My talents as an actor and filmmaker have been elevated by our work together."

Kyra (22)

"Keith helps you find who you are as an actor and as a person. He helped me bring my personality to each role and in turn bring out my best. He helps you with every aspect of acting from monologue techniques to knowledge of the business. I have grown a lot as an actor since I started working with him."

Taylor (23)

"In the time that I have worked with Keith, I have come to realize just how much of a knowledgeable and experienced performing artist he is. The education I have received from Keith about becoming prepared, valuable, and dependable for the film industry is truly priceless. The direction and instruction Keith provides not only prepares his students for success with acting and the film industry, but also with everyday life."


"One of the hardest things for me to do is to open up and talk to people - adults in particular, but in Keith's class I learned not only to open up but to express myself. I also learned that acting is not pretending to be someone else. It is just being yourself. They were not only lessons for actors, but they were lessons for anything and everything in life. I learned to be whatever you want to be and to try lots of new things. I learned lessons in this class that I will never forget."

Clara (14)

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